Honeymoon at Manali for newlywed couples who are looking for more than just a vacation

Published: 06th October 2011
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Honeymoon is that romantic trip of one’s life that is most treasured because of the special memories it brings along for an entire lifetime. Honeymoon comes as a relief to the married couples who immediately after the exhaustive ceremony embark on a wonderful trip together which marks the beginning of their new phase. When choosing on a honeymoon destination, couples usually pick out romantic destinations that are ideal for experiencing the sweetness of this new bond formed. Hence a beautiful honeymoon at Manali can be an ideal plan to spend the treasured moments of marriage together with one another. Couples can easily get in touch with oneanother in a way that is perfectly compatible for the closeness that any honeymoon should withhold.

Honeymoon at Manali entails various activities that can help partners understand the liking, disliking, interest and moods of their partner. A vacation that too in a scenic place like Manali is nothing less than luxury after a marriage ceremony that is stressful and pompous. Unwinding is therefore very important to enjoy the time together which will be treasured for eternity. Just after marriage, couples bond in a new way and hence it is important that they get a quiet time together to know and understand each other well therefore the silence that the natural beauty of Manali offers is a great medium to express those little nothings that give way to the strong bonds of love. Honeymoon at Manali means vivacious atmosphere and pleasant mood of nature that will definitely work on your heart and soul.It is from here that you can mirror out your love and passion for your partner.

Himachal Pradesh itself is a beautiful state and Manali as a part of this state is considered the crowning jewel of this region. Marked with beauty, spirituality and adventure Manali has something for everyone. Newly-wed couples derive a favorable environment when on a honeymoon at Manali to better interact and understand each other. They can share lots of thoughts walking along the green meadows laden with little flowers or by sitting together on the mountain tops. In these intimate moments together no one will be there to listen to your silent love thoughts apart from the cool wind as Manali is not a very crowded hill station. Only the beautiful gardens, scented breeze and warm ambiance will witness your love for ever. Manali will offer a peaceful environment that will make you feel like you are completely out of this world.

Furthermore experiencing the snow point or Solang valley, Rohtang Pass, Hadimba temple, Gompas and various other temples and natural wonders will only make your bonds closer as they will encompass you with beauty and a spiritual feel.

If you are also in for adventure then Manali is the place to be for such couples. The various sport activities offered to those on a honeymoon in Manali include skiing, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, paragliding, river rafting, angling, mountain biking, etc. Therefore plan on a honeymoon at Manali and find the key to your marital bliss.

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