Choosing a Good Domain Name

Published: 20th December 2011
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A domain can not only drive traffic to your website, it can also become the name that people remember when they think of a certain product or idea. It can go on to become a recognized brand and make a lot of money for the person that owns it. However, the truth is that, domain can play a critical role in your websiteís success. But how do you pick a good domain name when all of the good ones are already taken? There are thousands of web sites, and every time you think of a good domain name for your own web site, it winds up being taken, or too close to someone elseís.

So far more than 100 million domains have been registered, and the process will not be stopping any time soon. Finding good domain names is going to get more difficult as the days go by. Some of the steps to help you get a domain are discussed here.

If you are wondering about the techniques that will help you to identify good domain names, read on.

They are simple and short

It is a known fact that people tend to remember things that are simple and short. Good domain names are short. Always select a short domain name for your website. Domain name should be less than 15 characters. As for the number of words, one-word domains are gold, two-word ones are good, three-word domains are average, and above that it is usually a bad idea. is a superb domain and probably worth millions of dollars. is a good two-word domain worth thousands of dollars. is an average domain and could be used for a website. is plain worthless.

They are easy to remember

Most users do not have the time to bookmark sites. They just memorize the domains of their favorite websites and type them whenever they want to visit one. If your domain is complex and not easy to remember you will lose these visitors along the way. Using a complicated domain name can interfere with the userís desire to memorize the name. is a short domain name, but is not easy to remember at all, so it would be a bad idea to use it for your website (unless the initials represent the name of the website or a memorable message.

They have Easy Spellings

Your domain name should not contain words that are difficult to spell. Using words that have complicated spellings can result in the user landing in some other site. To simplify the user experience, do not use unknown foreign words or those that have complicated pronunciation. might be problematic for English speaking visitors. Cappuccino is an Italian word, and not everyone is aware where the doubles are placed.

They have a .com extension

A .com domain extension enjoys the maximum popularity in the world. Additionally, most people have the tendency to remember this domain extension. Except in special cases, using .com domain extension can be a great idea. A simple and memorable domain name can enhance your site traffic greatly. Therefore, before deciding about a domain name, pay attention to all these factors.

They donít contain hyphens or numbers

You should avoid hyphenated (-) domain name. If confuse to visitors that where hyphen sign used. Hyphen sign becomes domain name complex and domain name not easily memorable. They suffer the same problem of domains not using a .com extension or with complex spelling.

They are descriptive

Many visitors will come to your site through the search engines and via direct links on other websites. That is, they will come if the domain that they will see will be appealing. Having a descriptive domain name will give visitors an idea of what your site is about even before they enter it. If related keywords are present in the domain it might also help your search engine rankings.

Final remark

The most important thing to remember when choosing a domain is to make sure you pick one that is going to be reflective of you for the next several years.

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